We have a show coming up at the M Room in Philly with a bunch of great bands this Thursday, Nov, 9th.

We’ve also been busy recording this record. We’ve completed 7 songs so far minus bass parts and some drum programming...we’re also in the process of writing a bunch of new songs and re-recording about 4 new demos for the record...we’ll post some new demos soon... and some incidental music

Peter L.

I have used Brian for lessons in using Logic Pro, and also as an on-site recording engineer. I recorded a big band style piece with Brian on very short notice, and Brian helped convert a temporary space into a great room for recording, and he was very organized and thoughtful in how he organized all of the files and work products. He is knowledgeable both musically and technically, which is a huge asset.

James R.

Many artists and bands record their own demos.  Many can use backing tracks live.  But if you want to go to the next level, to work with a  recording engineer who is really a producer, contact Brian Cook of Logic Pro Chicago.

Brian taught me how to use Logic Pro and MainStage.  He worked on several of my songs, for very different projects.  But whether the style of music was alt rock, blues, folk, or EDM he'd take them to another level.  He transformed songs that were recorded on a laptop into big productions that sounded like they were recorded in a five star studio.   They no longer sounded stiff, starched, and digital.

Brian's a true audiophile, with a collection of analog and digital equipment that will make your tunes sound better than you heard them in your head.  He can add effects you'd never heard of, and burnish your tunes in ways you may have never considered.  5 star engineer!

Heather P.

Brian helped mix and master my latest EP. He's a total pro with Logic and was a sweetheart about building some instruction into our mixing sessions so I could learn how to do certain things myself. Whether it was technical or creative, his help always made a song better while still honoring my choices and opinions as the songwriter. Also, you have to spend a lot of time with a person when you're working on a record so it helps that he's just a really nice guy :)

Joseph M.

I've worked with Brian on several different music projects over the years and there’s a reason I keep coming back: You always get far more than what you paid for. His recording techniques are awesome. He uses multiple mics in multiple places to give you lots of options. You'll fall in love with the raw recordings, but hold tight for the mixes. I’ve brought in several bands that weren't very gear savvy and Brian helped design everything from our guitar tone to what we went for esthetically. He's a great recording tech, but it's as a producer where he really shines. Most studios expect you to come in and do everything yourself, but Brian works with you to help make the record you want to make.

Blake G.

I worked with Brian about once a week for over a year on mixing and recording my solo album. Brian is extremely patient with his clients and very knowledgable and professional when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering musical compositions. He took my ideas and made them sound professional. He can also add his own musical ideas to enhance songs (if you want).

I have worked with several "big budget" music studios with all the big monitors and leather couches but after working with Brian one-on-one I don't feel the need to work with anyone else anymore.

Catherine G.

Brian helped me setup my Behringer compact x32  digital mixer. He guided me on how to use Logic Pro X step by step for a beginner. So far it went well. I'm looking forward to develop more my audio recording skills.

Steven M.

I was looking for quality Logic Pro instruction and happened upon Brian's page.  I can honestly say that Brian is a superb instructor who has made the whole process enjoyable and straightforward.  He is a gifted teacher and seasoned pro.  I give him my highest recommendation.  Kudos!

Logic Pro Chicago