We have a show coming up at the M Room in Philly with a bunch of great bands this Thursday, Nov, 9th.

We’ve also been busy recording this record. We’ve completed 7 songs so far minus bass parts and some drum programming...we’re also in the process of writing a bunch of new songs and re-recording about 4 new demos for the record...we’ll post some new demos soon... and some incidental music

Logic Pro
Logic Pro is a powerful recording application with limitless possibilities. whether you are just getting started or are ready to take your recordings further.

Learn the basics.

    Learn basic recording principles and digital audio composition


  1.     Working with Audio, Audio Interfaces, Recording, Mic Placement

  2.     Exploring the Arrange Window (View Options,Arrange Tools, Screensets)

  3.     Understanding MIDI software Instruments (Exploring Various instruments, Parameters and Usage)

  4.     Working within the Arrange Window (Transport Controls, Tracks, Regions, Cycle Mode, Take Folders, Flex Time)

  Editing (Audio and Midi)

  1.     Utilizing Audio Comps (Take Folders, Flex Time)

  2.     Working with Apple Loops ( understanding the benefits of  Apple loops, doing smart searches)

  3.     Working with the Piano Roll (Editing Midi Data, Quantization, Composing)

  4.     Learning about the Sample Editor (Audio Editing, Functions and Factory menus)


  1.     Working within the Mixer View (exploring channel strip setting, volume, pan, effects)

  2.     Working with Effects (explanation of EQ, compressors, Reverbs - Space Designer, Guitar Sims -  Amp Designer, Pedalboard)

  3.     Working with the Multiple Channels (Busses, Groups, Automation)

  4.     Bouncing a project (Understanding Output Options)Advanced Logic Pro features and Techniques





Logic Pro Chicago

Automation (exploring different automation modes, editing automation, using groups)

Exploring the Esx24 Sampler (Loading Sample Kits, Creating Sample Kits, Adjusting Parameters - Looping, Sample Groups)

Exploring UltraBeat step sequence drum machine (Step sequencer view, Adjusting Parameters, Loading Custom Samples)

Matrix Editor (Adjusting MIDI data)

Environment (Exploring Arpeggiators, Transformers, Chord Memorizer, External MIDI devices, Touch Tracks)

Learning More about MIDI ( GM Controls, Program Changes, Control Changes, LSB, MSB)

Working with Control Surfaces (Assigning Controls to MIDI keyboard, Exploring Mackie Controls, exploring iphone/iPad options)

Working with Video

Space Designer (Adjusting Parameters, Loading Custom IR Samples, Creating Custom IR’s -Impulse Response Utility)

Exploring Waveburner

Brian Cook